Telugu baby names

The Telugu language is one of the four languages predominantly used in more than one Indian state. It is a Dravidian language that is spoken in Southern India for the most part. The other Dravidian languages include Tamil, Malayalam, and Kannada. In the part of the world where the Telugu language is spoken, it is thought to be a good thing is people are strong of will, independent minded, and brave. Many of the Telugu baby names for boys reflect these characteristics. The Telugu baby names that are selected for girl children are usually ones that describe the way the people of the Southern portion of India feel about their female children.

In the southern portion of India, female children are thought to be the light and joy of the home. They are seen as treasures that are to be enjoyed, protected, and kept safe. The girl Telugu baby names are often associated with descriptions of sunlight, flowers, and things that are naturally seen as beautiful.

Telugu baby names for girls include

  1. Dairyani, which means brave girl
  2. Daamini, meaning lightening, or quick
  3. Maanya, which means the respected one
  4. Sai, which means friend, or flower
  5. Shai, which means a gift
  6. Saee, which means a female friend
  7. Sony, meaning beauty
  8. Sadaf, which means a pearl
  9. Safia which means pure, or untroubled
  10. Snehi, which means loving and friendly of nature
  11. Sonal, which means one with a golden heart, or heart of gold
  12. Smita, which means smiling one
  13. Sahvi, which means having virtue
  14. Sadhya, which means perfection
  15. Sevati, which means white rose
  16. Serena, which means joyful
  17. Shikha, which means a flame
  18. Shobha, which means attractive
  19. Shloka, which means a verse
  20. Sumona, which means a calm one
  21. Sunila, which means blue
  22. Sweety, which means happy person
  23. Sabitha, which means having a sunny nature

Telugu baby names for boys:

  1. Aadarsh, means one with principles
  2. Abhi, which means fearless
  3. Abhimani, which means one with much self-esteem
  4. Abhibhava, which means a conqueror
  5. Adripathi, which means one who is very strong
  6. Arhant, which means a destroyer of enemies
  7. Balavan, which means one who is mighty
  8. Bahumanya, which means a gift from God
  9. Badrinath, which means Lord Vishnu
  10. Balashankar after the Lord Shiva
  11. Bala Subramanian after the Lord Shanmukha
  12. Barun means lord of the sea
  13. Bhagavaandaas, meaning a servant of God
  14. Bhagesh, which means the Lord of Wealth
  15. Raju, which means prosperous one
  16. Naag, which means a Cobra or big serpent
  17. Atulya, which means unequaled
  18. Aadil, means a just person
  19. Abhiram, which means pleasing to look at
  20. Abhiroop, which means handsome
  21. Adeleru, which means brave one
  22. Alamgir, which means master of the world
  23. Alankar, which means gold

Names for twins:

  1. Sindu and Bindu
  2. Tej and Tejasvi
  3. Unnat and Unnati
  4. Tejas and Tejaswini
  5. Sanju and Manju
  6. Ved and Vedanti
  7. Udit and Uditi
  8. Shaki and Bhaki
  9. Shrey and Shreya

Telugu baby names are also names passed down through generations, and often the names can be given to either a boy child, or a girl child. People from the southern portion of India are very proud of their heritage, and they reflect this pride by honouring their ancestors by naming their children after them.

Naming a child requires careful thought and consideration. Whatever name you give your child, they will have to carry with them for their entire life. Some parents of course will chose the name of the latest movie star, actor or actress but this is rare in this culture. You can make your child less confident by giving then a name that other children will use to taunt them. Before you name your baby think about what the name means to you, what it might mean to the child, and what the rest of the world may think of the name.

Created on ... May 02, 2016